Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm POWDER

I ran out of foundation. Completely out. I can’t remember the last time that happened to me.

When I got to the drug store, I was totally overwhelmed. I sold Mary Kay a little over a year ago and had a stockpile of foundation – I hadn’t shopped for the stuff in over a year.

BB Creams, CC Creams, Foundations – oh my!

I figured since it was summer, I’d go for a powder since it was lighter and easier to touch up. No BB Cream for me this time.

I eventually chose one and moved on to explore other new cosmetic creations when I came across the Physician’s Formula end cap.

I saw “SUPER BB” in sparkly metallic lettering on a POWDER container.

I stared at it in disbelief. Is this a cream-to-powder formula?


It is supposed to be and do EVERYTHING:

  • Smoothing
  • Moisturizing
  • Protecting
  • Firming
  • Priming and Filling
  • Perfecting
  • Concealing
  • Brightening
  • Line-Softening
  • Long-Wearing

And IMO, it does. It does wear off a bit on hot, sweaty days and needs to be reapplied – but every foundation does that. I love the way it feels and the way it looks.

Anyone else tried it? What about another BB or CC cream?

Summer Cucumber Salad

The other day, my step mom made her version of Cucumbers and Onions. (My grandma used to make it with only cucumbers, onions, sugar and vinegar) – but my step mom adds miracle whip. It makes it really creamy.

After the yummy creamy cucumber salad, I decided to use ti to make a more traditional salad. It was great!

I added lettuce, tomatoes, diced fresh bell pepper, a little cheese and some croutons.

The perfect addition to a summer time meal.

What are some easy sides you can whip up with the veggies in your garden (or supermarket?)

Lazy Cabbage Rolls

I don’t consider myself a lazy chef (except when it comes to baking) – but you have to admit, stuffing things can be a grueling process. I remember one time I made a curry and had entirely too much left over. I decided to wrap the curry in lettuce leaves and take it as an appetizer to a party – it was practically impossible.

I have 3 recipes for cabbage rolls in my collection – they always sound amazing when I stumble across a recipe – but I never quite get up the motivation to make them.

Then, my sweetie discovered a recipe on Facebook for “unstuffed” cabbage rolls. You just put everything in a skillet and boom! It’s done. Easy and yum – and pretty healthy.

Here’s my adaptation.*

*I was cooking for my whole family (5 adults, 3 children) and we had some leftovers. Feel free to half this recipe, if needed.

You’ll need:

*3 lbs. ground meat (beef, chicken, turkey)

*3 small heads of cabbage

*3 cans diced tomatoes

*2 large onions, diced

*2 tablespoons minced garlic

*1 jar spaghetti sauce (we used mushroom – any would work)

*4 cups uncooked brown rice



*Italian seasoning

*Cornbread (optional)

*Hot sauce (also optional but made it extra delicious)

In a VERY LARGE skillet, chop onion and sauté. Then add garlic and cook until browned. Next, add meat. I used lean ground beef but you could make it even lighter and healthier by using chicken or turkey. When you’ve browned your meat, add the chopped cabbage, diced tomatoes, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and spaghetti sauce.

(This is when you put the cornbread in the oven.)

You’re going to let your meat and cabbage cook down for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally. While that’s going on, you make your brown rice in another pot. I was worried it wouldn’t get done if I threw it in the skillet with everything else.

When the cabbage mixture was done, I stirred in the brown rice.

Some of my family members liked the mixture with cornbread. Others preferred it with hot sauce. I’m not a fan of majorly spicy food, but the hot sauce definitely added to the simple dish.

It was a fantastic meal! I can’t wait to dig into some of the leftovers for lunch.

Garnia Olia (Red) Haircolor

I recently went red with my hair color. I’ve always adored it, except for the part where it doesn’t necessarily last as long. I was recently reading a magazine and saw an ad for Garnier Olia hair color with new Resilient Red Technology.

I decided to give it a shot. It sounded like the answer to my problems.

When reading the directions, it said that if you’d dyed your hair recently with a similar color, you should do the roots for 25 minutes and then the rest for less time. Since I had previously used L’Oreal Paris Excellence in a slightly less red shade, but didn’t want to fry my hair – so I followed these steps.

However, now that it’s been a couple weeks, I’m starting to think I should’ve just let it all sit. The roots of my hair are still vibrant and everything, but the rest has faded much faster. I think that maybe letting it all sit in longer would’ve prevented this from happening. My hair tends to get really oily anyway – it probably could’ve handled this method.

Besides this, the hair color made my hair feel great. I love the conditioner that comes with it – my hair feels silky without feeling weighted down. It also has a VERY nice smell – I didn’t end up smelling like ammonia for days after coloring my hair.

Have you used the new Olia Haircolor? Did it last longer than others? What are some of your favorite brands/colors?

Mama Cozzi’s Kitchen Pizza – Aldi

Usually I am horrendously opposed to frozen pizza. I like my pizza piping hot and greasy. I haven’t tried many take-and-bakes, assuming them to be another rendition of frozen yuck.

However, one afternoon, my sweetie really wanted pizza and we were at Aldi. We didn’t have the extra cash to splurge on a $15 dinner, so we picked up one of Aldi’s Mama Cozzi’s Kitchen Pizzas. We added some fresh bell pepper and onions on top. It turned out to be delicious. It definitely tastes healthier than takeaway pizzas, but it really is a good alternative. Even the crust is really flavorful, which is hard to find in a frozen/refrigerated pizza.

Though the pizzas come refrigerated, they are pretty big. For me and the sweetie – it is too much pizza. We tend to cut them in half and freeze the rest. We get two dinners for about $5.

The pizzas come in different flavors – five cheese, meat lovers, pepperoni and supreme. Give one a try the next time you’re near Aldi.

**P.S. I wasn’t paid for this review or anything. Just sharing a yummy tidbit.

My Skin Care Routine: Dollar Store Beauty

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the ideal skincare routine. Since then, a couple of you have asked what products I personally use, especially after the post was used to create an eBay Buying guide. I’m working on building up to a complete “perfect” routine, but until I reach that point, I’ll share what I use now.


I rinse my face with water and apply Simple Kind to Skin Protecting Light Moisturizer. I love that it has SPF 15, however, it often leaves my face shiney and feels a bit thick. So I’m looking to swap this product out. It might be more appropriate for someone with drier skin. It is oil free but seems to add to my shine. You can pick this product up at Walmart for about $7 and it is made with natural ingredients.

After that, I use Ulta’s Advanced Firming Eye Serum. It isn’t completely effective against under-eye bags, but it definitely helps.


I don’t really use much. If I work out and my face feels particularly grimey, I’ll use my lemongrass face bar from New Harmony Soap Company. I know you should really only cleanse once a day – but sometimes the oil in my face makes it necessary.


I use Neutragena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash – the orange stuff. It is the only thing I have ever found to help me prevent breakouts. I usually pick this up at Dollar General. Walmart has an equate version that works just as well – I just don’t get to Walmart often enough.

Next, I use the Dollar General brand firming night cream. This stuff helps keep my face feeling baby smooth. I don’t wake up to super shiny skin either – which is a major bonus.

Lastly, I use Mary Kay TimeWise Firming Eye Cream. I know some people may think I’m too young for age prevention – but if you want to look young forever, you have to start now. The eye wrinkles are the first to set in, so I’m being proactive.

Once a week:

Mint Julep Masque – I use this once a week, typically on Saturdays. It helps dries up any break outs and clears the pores.

Deep Sea Cosmetics Facial Peeling Gel – I use this once a week too on Wednesday nights.

I did recently receive two skincare products in the VowVoxBox from Influenster, so I’ll be reviewing those in a post soon. Maybe I’ll be adding them to my permanent routine.

What do you use for skincare?

Fiesta Wednesday: Shredded Chicken Tacos

I have been bombarded with delicious Mexican recipes this month (not that I’m complaining.) I think it started with Kroger’s Taste of Mexico campaign and has continued with various magazine subscriptions.

Needless to say, this exposure has caused me to crave tacos. Monday night, I made this obsession a reality.

The result was a satisfying and delicious dinner with multiple combinations available.


Corn tortillas – throw them in the oven with foil until heated or heat them in a dry skillet. (The skillet method tastes better but takes more time.)


–       2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken thighs

–       1 packet taco seasoning

–       ½ cup of salsa


–       queso quesadilla cheese

–       1 bushel cilantro

–       diced tomatoes

–       diced onions

–       pico de gallo (mix of the previous 3 ingredients with garlic salt.)

–       sautéed peppers and onions

–       avocado slices


–       Rice-a-Roni Spanish Rice

–       Fat-free refried beans

To prepare the chicken, I boiled the chicken thighs with ¼ onion to tenderize it. Then I chopped the chicken into small pieces, removing the fat. I placed the chicken in the skillet with 2/3 cup water and the taco seasoning packet. When the water had mostly evaporated, I added the ½ cup salsa and cooked until hot.

I created a delicious array of tacos with this combination. A couple of my favorites were the chicken with onions and cilantro and chicken, onions and peppers, cheese and beans. What are your favorite taco toppings?